Extra Normal Records XN005 | Released April 18, 2017

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone, co-composition
Matthew Wright - turntable, computer, co-composition

"Keir’s saxophone is both warm, edgy sighs and full-on honk, joyous and bulbous – with a touch of Ayler’s gospel roots.  Matthew’s turntables imaginatively compliment, re-work and suggest rather than smother in cloying digital sauce.  There’s a light touch and time travelling element as sounds run backwards and repeat on the decks." -Radio Free Midwich

"Cette création électroacoustique n’appartient ni au jazz, ni au hip hop, ni à quoi que ce soit de connu. C’est un voyage en hypnose au cœur d’une cité vivante dont les murmures révèleront peut-être quelques secrets enfouis dans votre subconscient. Vous avez dit bizarre ?" -DragonJazz (Tunisia)



Relative Pitch Records RPR 1046 | Released April 8, 2016

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone
Rafal Mazur - acoustic bass guitar

Diachronic Paths documents a highlight in the evolution of the 17-year collaboration between bassist Rafal Mazur and saxophonist Keir Neuringer. Subtitled “Transformation Discourses,” the disc showcases nearly 80 minutes of melodic invention, complementary and contrasting lines, extended phrasing, and idiosyncratic technique. Mazur and Neuringer, based respectively in Krakow and Philadelphia, first met in 1999, at a jam session in a cellar club in Krakow’s Old City. Now, they reunite once a year to perform, record, and participate in improvised music meetings in Central Europe. For the six tracks on this disc, as always, they eschew plans and schemes, committing themselves to total engagement with the compositional moment. Though the results speak for themselves, the Xun Yue epigraph inside the CD jacket speaks to the philosophy behind this recording: "What is contingent cannot be predicted; what is ever-changing cannot be foreseen.”

Composed in the moment on November 13, 2013 in Krakow, Poland
Recorded and mixed by Rafal Drewniany. Design by Keir Neuringer. Executive producers Kevin Reilly & Mike Panico.

" inexhaustible supply of ideas" (4 stars) -Mike Corroto, All About Jazz

"...playful, fierce, and inventive" -John Morrison, Jazz Right Now


New Atlantis Records NA-LP-002 | Released April 22, 2014

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone. Recorded & mixed by Eugene Lew. Mastered by Kato Hideki. Art by Erin Rice. Design by Erin Rice & Keir Neuringer
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"…with Neuringer's music...mortal purpose is a given.
"What makes "Okay We Can Go Now", the record's side-long first track, strike home is a combination of stamina, resolve, and resourcefulness.
"The elongated pitches twist and pull like a slow motion Evan Parker solo, and it's the evident need to linger before moving to the next tonal adjustment that draws you in."
-Bill Meyer, Wire Magazine

"…never a dull moment throughout its length, Ceremonies Out of the Air sets a high water mark in the often-overlooked oeuvre of solo sax."
-Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"d'altronde non è un cliché, in casi come questo, parlare di una forma di meditazione, risalendo all'insegnamento di Coltrane e ai suoi seminali "canti liberi" – l'Amore Supremo che conduce all'Ascensione."
-Michele Palozzo, Ondarock

"I don’t think I’ve been this entranced by a solo saxophone album in a while."
-Lars Gotrich, Total Vibration

"Neuringer taps into hitherto unexplored sonic territory throughout—eeking multiphonics, muttering soft and inaudible sounds, and sometimes exploding with emotive force and sustaining notes with a definite vigor. I was hooked immediately."
-Sam Weinberg, Search and Restore

"…deeply spiritual and personal, a herculean effort of circular breathing and expression […] Neuringer's playing [shows] tremendous range, emotion, sensitivity, and intellect.  Recommended."
-Stefan Wood, Free Jazz

"Ceremonies Out of the Air is at once tenacious improvisation and heightened engagement."
-Decoder Magazine

"…practiced and expert instantaneous composition at its finest."

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For-Tune Records 0032 | (Compact Disc) | Released August 9, 2014

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone

Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar

Recorded in concert at Klub Literki, Krakow, Poland on November 15, 2012.

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Rafał Drewniany (DTS Studio)

Kraków is a special place for Keir and me. We met here - in a medieval cellar whose walls include parts built in the 13th century. We were unable to communicate in any language as Keir did not speak Polish and I did not speak English. Nevertheless, we were playing in a duo nearly all night long, as if we knew each other for years. We started out with Monk's compositions and ended up improvising, and we have been doing it since. Every time we play together feels like a continuation of our first meeting. Each concert we give is an extension of that first night, the night which has lasted many years and does not seem to be coming to an end. "The Kraków Letters" is yet another dose of music recorded in Kraków, as all our previous albums were. It comes as no surprise because Krakow is a special place. (Rafał Mazur)

"...there is an immense intensity, an almost brutal expression and a dedication which is absolutely uncompromised..." (4.5 stars) -Martin Schray, Free Jazz Blog



Not Two Records  MW834 | Released October 2010

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone
Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar