New Atlantis Records NA-LP-002 | Released April 22, 2014

Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone

Recorded in Philadelphia at First Unitarian Church on August 23, 2013
Recorded & mixed by Eugene Lew
Mastered by Kato Hideki
Art by Erin Rice
Design by Erin Rice & Keir Neuringer

"…with Neuringer's music...mortal purpose is a given.
"What makes "Okay We Can Go Now", the record's side-long first track, strike home is a combination of stamina, resolve, and resourcefulness.
"The elongated pitches twist and pull like a slow motion Evan Parker solo, and it's the evident need to linger before moving to the next tonal adjustment that draws you in."
-Bill Meyer, Wire Magazine

"…never a dull moment throughout its length, Ceremonies Out of the Air sets a high water mark in the often-overlooked oeuvre of solo sax."
-Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"d'altronde non è un cliché, in casi come questo, parlare di una forma di meditazione, risalendo all'insegnamento di Coltrane e ai suoi seminali "canti liberi" – l'Amore Supremo che conduce all'Ascensione."
-Michele Palozzo, Ondarock

"I don’t think I’ve been this entranced by a solo saxophone album in a while."
-Lars Gotrich, Total Vibration

"Neuringer taps into hitherto unexplored sonic territory throughout—eeking multiphonics, muttering soft and inaudible sounds, and sometimes exploding with emotive force and sustaining notes with a definite vigor. I was hooked immediately."
-Sam Weinberg, Search and Restore

"…deeply spiritual and personal, a herculean effort of circular breathing and expression […] Neuringer's playing [shows] tremendous range, emotion, sensitivity, and intellect.  Recommended."
-Stefan Wood, Free Jazz

"Ceremonies Out of the Air is at once tenacious improvisation and heightened engagement."
-Decoder Magazine

"…practiced and expert instantaneous composition at its finest."