Litanies of Trees | variable duration | for voice + ensemble | for Ensemble Klang
For Marian Anderson (The Whole World) | for viola + vibraphone, to a poem by Camae Ayewa
IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS & PAT THOMAS: 5.4.18 (Otoroku 135) live album

Elegies at the Border | 30’ | for voice + ensemble | commissioned by Ensemble Klang

IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS (International Anthem/Don Giovanni Records) liberation jazz & poetry quintet
SPEAK CITIES (Extra Normal Records) collaboration with Matthew Wright
DROMEDARIES (Already Dead Tapes) collaborative trio with Shayna Dulberger & Julius Masri

DIACHRONIC PATHS (Relative Pitch Records) duo improvisations with Rafal Mazur

Philadelphia Rising Suite | jazz ensemble
For Aiyana & Tamir (Elegy) | mixed ensemble

THE KRAKOW LETTERS (For-Tune Reocrds) duo improvisations with Rafal Mazur
CEREMONIES OUT OF THE AIR (New Atlantis) solo saxophone improvisations
Elegy for the Bakr children (Gaza Beach) | open duration | saxophone & string ensemble

SURFEITS (2010) solo saxophone EP
Afterword to Apparitions by Reuben Radding

Critical Foreign Dependencies Initiative 2008 for voice and ensemble
Revolutions in Toronto (audiovisual installation)
incidental music & songs for Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (a rave fable) by Caridad Svich

“Ahhhhh” co-composed with Chris Seeds for choreography by Lindsay Gilmour
Revolutions in Buffalo audiovisual installation
String Quartet No. 3 (duration variable)
incidental music to A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Desire and Decay, live electroacoustic performance to choreography by L. Gilmour
Places, or: The Hague Invasion Act | c. 25’ | open instrumentation, video, dancer and text
Elegy for the schoolboys at Ghazi Khan 20-25’ | commissioned by Ensemble Modelo 62
Questionnaire music video | 3’08
A Bloodletting music video | 5’25
UNISON LINES (NotTwo Records) duo with Rafal Mazur
IMPROWIZJE (Insubordinations) duo with Rafal Mazur
THE LOVE STORY: U$ DRONE (self produced CD) Farfisa and analogue electronics

The Dutch Language 8’ | commissioned by Ensemble Klang
The Yiddish Language 20’ | commissioned by the Cornell Univ. Klezmer Ensemble
Quiet System | duration variable | open instrumentation and cassette tape player
Drum/C4 for five percussionists | improvisation structure performed October 2009

One is One (Preludes & Fugues) | 48 performance texts | 208 pages
[sic] 1’08 | commissioned by Ensemble Klang
Insect Out digital synthesis, sampling & field recording

Parade five silent video preludes for Ensemble Klang | 5’

Another World Bank audiovisual installation
Registering Our Exasperation audiovisual installation
An Abridged List of Options music video | 9’56
Revolution 5 music video | 5’09
Things You Cannot See. music video | 6’06
incidental music to wlotka.pl | digital synthesis and sampling for playback

incidental music to Urojenia | digital synthesis and processed saxophone for playback
untitled audiovisual installation [text, paper, 1/4” tape loop, microphone & speakers]

Dodging Bullets for open instrumentation, playback, and video | 23’
Archivum Mirum Et Turbarum for large ensemble | 16’
Bronze Age for trombone and cassette tape players
Bound to Violence one act play for two actors | c. 15’
O.D. to Joy video for choral-ensemble work by Kate Moore | 12’

(laqoiopal) version for large ensemble | 18’30
(laqoiopal) version for 5 string instruments | 16’
we get it in the pocket, you get it in the neck octet | 11’
(5+x)aphorisms for sax, piano, and bass | 10’
Fear/Repetition for speaking voice and loud instruments | c. 5’
affettuoso audio playback | 80’
A LANGUAGE OLDER THAN WORDS (limited edition CD-R release) duo with Rafal Mazur

The Scattering of Numbers for large ensemble, speaker and video | 20’
[ubers glasperlenspiel] for saxophone quartet | 10’
i will not walk self-published, handbound book of 55 poems | numbered edition of 100

Stachowski Variation for junk percussion and interactive computer | 7-10’
the code we use to speak about our disrespect is called time for speaking voice and six percussionists | open duration
in what little hand for four hands and interactive computer [created with Marek Choloniewski]

Concerto (after Kundera) for piano (concertante), 5 percussionists, 15 solo strings | 30’
Thread open instrumentation | 5-7’
String Quartet No. 2 | 20’
Music for David Gordon’s Brain in a Jar for saxophone and interactive computer [created with Marek Choloniewski]

Three Bagatelles for Orchestra | 12’, 13’30, 6’06
Piano Quartet | 5’
Mechanical Failure oboe (or violin), bassoon (or violoncello) and piano | 9’

Ungoliant chamber concerto for 14 instruments | 20’
Tuba Concerto (tuba, 5 percussionists, piano, strings) | 32’
String Quartet No. 1 | 12’
Prelude for bass clarinet | 4’

Sonata for alto saxophone and piano | 8’30
Prelude in the style of Claude Debussy for piano | 4’

Clarinet Quartet | 7’
Of the Sun and the Moon for flute | 6’