Neuringer / Dulberger / Masri: DROMEDARIES

Already Dead Tapes & Records AD262 | Released August 25, 2017

Keir Neuringer - saxophone, percussion (track 5)
Shayna Dulberger - double bass, percussion (track 5)
Julius Masri - drums & percussion

Recorded January 25, 2015
Rose Room, Philadelphia
Engineered & mixed by Eugene Lew
Mastered by Alex Borozan
Art by Joshua Tabbia
Produced by ADT & Neuringer, Dulberger, Masri

"Strands of light flare through the atmosphere when DROMEDARIES play, it's true; the experience is a prismatic adventure, where both cool, soothing blue notes and hot, solar bursts emananting from Keir Neuringer's electrifying alto saxophone rise over Shayna Dulberger's lurching, moonlit wanderings on the upright bass. Once Julius Masri's chaotic, obsessed clatter that rains down like boulders on rusting tin—drums finds its way through to the listener, there's barely a lung in the building left with any breath. Still, the trio, who vacillate as both veterans of the ash-laden dystopia of the underground noise-n-blast beats scene as well as prodigy under the micro-focused tutelage of international jazz masters, want to do more than just give way to unseen, propulsive cosmic forces that only inspire face melting and/or staid stage gawking. No, they're good on that. As Dromedaries, the trio seeks to exhaust themselves as well, hurling their bodies at and through their instruments in fits of physicality that speak to their music's measured rage and its transcendent exploration of love.

Their debut joint sees the band offering themselves up as tribute to their strange, demanding gods that first called them to those dank, molding practice basements and echoey community centers. Listeners can bask in a bit of Roscoe Mitchell's fury and humor for “A Horse By Committee” or be challenged by the theme-song-for-a-sitcom-with-Samuel Delany and Sun Ra-as-showrunners-ness of “One Foot Lighter Than the Load”, but this is an album best absorbed in a full dose. Recorded in Philadelphia by Eugene Lew in January 2015, Dromedaries is set to be unleashed by experimental label Already Dead Tapes thus insuring that the trio has found a home for their caustic brand of spiritual entropy. Let them into yours, let the chaos and colors reign."

-Alex Smith